An ominous opening:

Within the dwarven village of Rebrik is an ancient and mysterious obelisk. For nearly a thousand years, any knowledge of this artifact’s history or purpose has been guarded by a few chosen Lore Keepers. All else willingly embrace ignorance about the cursed relic, for those who have previously sought to understand its power have only met with madness.

Shortly after the Master Lore Keeper mysteriously disappears and his apprentice is struck blind and batty, the quiet town becomes the focus of a series of brutal, joint orcish-and-goblin raids. Worse still, the attacks seem to be centered on the obelisk. In the wake of the most recent battle, the village’s leadership sends an envoy to the city of Autumn Ridge, requesting aid in these troubled times.

Those who choose to answer the call will hunt fearsome orcs and storm battered keeps, match wits with corrupted nobles and uncover secret cults, delve into ancient dungeons and test their mental mettle as they explore the many mysteries of the Eldern Valley.

Shalbrook: Epilogue