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  • Rebrik

    Nearly 900 years ago, the ancient dwarven fortress and cathedral [[Thunderhold Temple]] was abandoned, lost to corruption and treachery. Those dwarves who survived the exodus made a new home for themselves several miles to the south, in the heart of the …

  • Autumn Ridge

    A relatively recent addition to the [[Eldern Valley]], Autumn Ridge is a trade city located at the crossing of the [[Kings Road]] with the [[Eldern River]].

  • Eldern Valley

    The Eldern Valley is located at the western frontier of the [[Haven Empire]]. It is home to many noble races and a cornucopia of monsters wander its wilderness. Notable cities, villages, and landmarks within the Eldern Valley include: *[[Autumn Ridge]] …

  • Thunderhold Temple

    Thunderhold Temple is thousands of years old. This ancient edifice once held the dwarven population of the [[Eldern Valley]]. Over a thousand years ago, corruption began seeping into the Temple's fortifications. Some 900 years ago, the Temple was …

  • Haven Empire

    If there is a central government in this part of [[Terra]], it would be the Haven Empire. The Haven Empire is hardly unified, though, and in the [[Eldern Valley]], one rarely sees Empire officials. The lands here are controlled by strong leaders and are …

  • Terra

    It goes by many names, but within the [[Haven Empire]] the world is most commonly called Terra.

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