Lore Keepers

The events surrounding the exodus of Thunderhold Temple imbued the surviving dwarves with a fear of their ancestral fortress and any knowledge pertaining to it. In the years following their departure and the founding of Rebrik, a few brave adventurers tried to conquer its depths and reclaim it for their race. These poor fools met only madness and death. It was agreed upon that the history and purpose of Thunderhold Temple and its association with the obelisk be preserved, but that the majority of dwarven citizenry need not be burdened with such volatile knowledge. And so the first Master Lore Keeper was named.

Obrim Osson was this dwarf. Throughout the village he was revered as a brave and selfless soul. Strong willed and prudent, Obrim carefully collected any information he deemed worthy of protecting. When his son, Okram came of age, Obrim chose him as his successor. Henceforth the title of Lore Keeper was a hereditary title; the eldest son inducted his eldest son and so forth. Furthermore, the younger Osson children became Wardens of the Sacred Stone. While the Lore Keepers trained their mental faculties, the Wardens honed their skills as warriors.

It continued like this for 900 years. In that time, the already dormant and forgotten powers of the obelisk became things of myth and fairy tale. The Osson family, once hailed as champions of the mind, became the subject of doubt and ridicule. Still, the family kept its traditions; there was an unbroken chain of eldest sons, each initiated as an Apprentice Lore Keeper when they came of age, and each entitled Master Lore Keeper upon their father’s death.

Prior to the campaign’s opening, Ofrim Osson is the Master Lore Keeper. His eldest son, Obric, is his apprentice. His next eldest son, Osric is a Warden of the Sacred Stone.

Lore Keepers

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